Samsung Galaxy S4 – A Review

To date, Samsung galaxy s4 is among the most successful Android headset. It pits itself against innovations from old competitors and the current threat of Apple. This smartphone is a really impressive. On paper it offers powerhouse handset jumping from the 4.8-inch S3 to a 5-inch display. Continue reading

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Why Lenovo Horizon is the Future of Tablet Experience

Lenovo Horizon has deftly combined the comfort of using desktop computer and the convenience of a tablet, albeit it comes in a shape that makes it more like a coffee table sized gadget than mobile. However, if you still need the ability of a desktop computer, yet also eager to try tablet, you must give this Lenovo product a try. This is a product that really creates the atmosphere of Continue reading

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Sony Xperia Z: When Sony Tries Its Luck on Smartphone

Even at very quick first glance, you would not get confused between Sony Xperia Z and Apple iPhone, no matter how similar the looks of various Smartphone products out there. First of all, it is clearly not the slimmest phone, but Sony has proven that they were able to produce a good Smartphone product, and even quite tough compared to Apple (that always gives impression that it can break or cracked the moment you bump it against Continue reading

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Review of San Disk Ultra 32 GB

San Disk Ultra 32 GB is a fast but affordable item that is especially designed for the mainstream users. It is aimed t o provide a much better technology at the performance level of enthusiast grade. San Disk Ultra 32 GB is one of products from SanDisk, a company that many customers are aware much in terms of quality USB Flash-drive. No wonder if the product brings Continue reading

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Review of Powerlogic Air Mouse


Powerlogic Air Mouse is a product that becomes more and more familiar today. Powerlogic Air Mouse is a product that becomes more and more familiar today because it is useful to support surfing activities including laptop changes. The product is for those who are seeking for powerful wireless mouse for their computers with the main reason that Powerlogic Air Mouse offers so many beneficial features. Are you curious about this rich-featured wireless mouse? Continue reading

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Essential Caring Tips for Your Tablet

Ways of how to care for your tablet is mandatory especially because the gadget is expensive and frequently used. By providing the right Caring for your tablet then you shall enjoy the benefits all of the time. Here are essential caring tips for your tablet that are helpful to keep the gadget in an ideal condition. Continue reading

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The Well Known Worldwide For Its Safety When Storing Data – Review of LG HXD5

LG HXD5 is an external hard drive with elegant design and has a capacity up to 500 GB. LG HXD5 has an elegant design that is based on curved lines. To go match your laptop it can be found in 4 different bright colors. The commonest combination is Black with red border.

With a thickness of only 14.2 mm and with a dimension of 82.4 x 124.9 x 14.2 Continue reading

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Tips of Green Computing

The idea of Green Computing is excellent point of view to save our earth. Nevertheless some people have already been turned off by he thought as they wrongly think it is difficult to do. The idea Green Computing doesn’t always mean that you have to cast off your old computer and substituting it with the newer one having more energy-efficient models. Continue reading

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Review of Kindle Fire

Similar to the first release of original Kindle around five years ago, the launching of kindle fire in 2011 gave a lot of excitement to many e-readers followed by great amount of sales across the globe. Kindle fire is the first tablet by Amazon that soon became the competitor of Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy, and RIM’s Blackberry Playbook while at the same time Continue reading

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Review of New Samsung Notebook Series 9

Samsung has gained new achievement with computing technology by releasing new Samsung notebook series 9. In the brand new product Samsung has introduced newly released Intel Core Family processors of second-generation with extra lightweight, durable and slim design. The new Samsung notebook series 9 comes with 13.3 inch size and it is much 11-inch smaller and thinner Continue reading

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